The Portuguese Government is planning to install Euthanasia Rules on the National Health System

28 de Setembro de 2012


The Portuguese government is deciding to cut expenses on the last treatments of patients suffering from cancer, rheumatic diseases and, infected with HIV, so that the country deficit can be reduced as scheduled, in the agreement with the International Monetary Fund, IMF, and the Central European Bank, CEU (Troika).

Most organs of the Portuguese press news, announced yesterday that the Counsel Committee of Ethics for Life Sciences, emitted the report of a study requested by the Portuguese government.  The report delivered to the Health Minister, Paulo Macedo, recommends cuts on the best medications and treatments available for those illnesses, reporting that extending the life of a few extra months of life to those patients, doesn’t worth the costs on the government budget. I feel sorry that a Committee of Ethics on Life Sciences dares to provide such recommendations. That report has all political and economic thoughts. But concerns about ethics on life and death with dignity, none.

The report recommendations, fits just perfectly the purpose for what the study was requested: to find ways to cut costs, on the National Health System, regardless of what. But, using human lives, who are fighting to extend their lives, is not the right way to solve the deficit and the government budget. It is a way of violation of the patients’ human rights and dignity.

Health Minister, Paulo Macedo, has one or more degrees in business administration. He has no knowledge about Medicine or Public Health. The reason of his choice to become Health Minister, was due to his knowledge and experience about money figures and not for any kind of Health knowledge. He fits perfectly the type of world that we are living in, where money has more value than human life. His main functions in his position as a government executive, is to reduce figures beyond the acceptable, not to care about health issues, regardless if that may causes suffering and deaths.

Life is the best gift of life itself. No politician, economist or whatever has the right to force it to be taken away faster, just for the saving of money figures in expenses, so that the government numbers can look good.

The Portuguese government is decided to go to extremes to fulfill the obligations with external financial institutions. The country is running into poverty, but standing almost in silence. However, there is a limit for everything in life. We are reaching that limit of tolerance and saying: Enough is enough! We will not allow much more. We will not allow this kind of savings in cuts of medicine and treatments on this type of serious illnesses. This is not euthanasia. This is murder!

About Carlos Piteira

Licenciado em Microbiologia pela Maryland University. Especialista em Microbiologia Clínica pela American Society of Clinical Pathologists. Consultor da Qualidade do Ar Interior. Autor do livro: ” A Qualidade do Ar Interior em Instalações Hospitalares”

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